Stay Calm and Don’t Spill My Coffee!


Ever type out a report (or in this case a blog post) and then hit the “post” button just to have it glitch and not post everything you just spent the last hour writing?…  Yea…  That just happened.  So here is the second time I am typing this.  #learnfromfailures  Start blog post NOW…

Here I am.  10 years later.  Provided jobs to amazing people.  Millions of dollars in revenue.  Thousands of scooters sold.  Thousands more serviced.  Hundreds rented.  An entire company and fun, crazy, exuberant culture built around the value of delivering superior customer service and the ultimate customer experience (#UCE).  A town forever changed and a student culture completely revolutionized by one extremely useful tool…  a motor scooter.  It’s amazing to look back over the last 10 years and see how far we have come and we can’t wait to see what the future holds…

So where am I today?  Back at the beginning!

I have joined the Gulejo team!  That’s right!  I am going all the way back to square one.  #startuplife.  I won’t have to eat as many Ramen Noodles as I did the first time around, but I am excited to take on those ‘do or die’ situations that truly show what startups are made of.  As entrepreneurs, we often get that ‘itch’ to tackle something new.  Startup life can become addicting.  Building something AMAZING… from nothing.  Gulejo is that opportunity for me!  My two new incredible partners, Levi Leigh and TJ Villamil, approached me late in 2013 and presented me with this opportunity.  I am ecstatic!  It is going to be one epic journey!

So now for the question EVERYONE has been asking… “Collin, how can you focus on NS4L and Gulejo?”

That’s the fun part!  Guys…  I am an entrepreneur.  I build teams and I like to think I do it pretty well.  The team at NS4L is absolutely incredible (remember Core Value #3:  Don’t Believe the Hype! for those of you on the NS4L team that are reading this).  They know what they are doing and continue to take on more responsibility and grow the company.  Growth is no longer resting on my shoulders alone…  it rests on theirs too.  The love it and embrace it.  I love it and embrace it.  I have never felt stronger about any team than the one I have today.  2014 will be a BIG year!

As for Gulejo…  I look forward to working with Levi and TJ to build a great team and a remarkable coffee company!  I will be your Chief Money Officer, or as I like to put it… C$O  (With a title like COE – Chief of Everything at NS4L, would you expect anything less from me?).  Personally, this venture is the opportunity for me to take my beliefs, values, ethics, and business strategies and apply them within a completely different industry to see if I get the same result.  Levi and TJ have embraced my love for the UCE, the Ultimate Customer Experience, and it will be a HUGE part of Gulejo.

Now what do YOU need to do…

1.  Don’t ever call me a Serial Entrepreneur ;)  People have already started and it sounds too weird.  You can call me a Serial Entrepreneur when I am like Richard Branson and have 400 companies.  Levi and TJ called me a Serial Entrepreneur and I said, “More like ‘Cereal’ Entrepreneur.”  I really like Lucky Charms P.S. just in case you want to buy me some.

2.  Get a Gulejo Subscription.  You can message me directly and I will take care of you!  If you are a friend or family member, you better have one…  Otherwise you stand the risk of me ‘accidentally’ walking by you and not talking to you next time I see you.  #guilttrip #supportusandgetdeliciouscoffeeatthesametime #dontmakemerepeatmyself

You are going to see some big changes with Gulejo in 2014.  It is only going to make this company greater and will allow us to serve you better.  Embrace it!  One of the first changes we are rolling out is the ‘Gulejo Pound’ and the ‘Gulejo Half-Pound.’  That’s right!  A pound is no longer 16oz.  It’s 17oz!  A half-pound is 9oz, not 8oz!  Why?  We want to give you more value and (we know and)  you know that you always need just a little bit more!  Plus…  we are changing the game baby! 16oz is lame.  17oz is awesome!  We don’t want to be like EVERY coffee company out there.  We want to be fresh and remarkable!

Get ready…  2014 is going to be one heck of a ride.  Just don’t drink hot Gulejo while riding your scooter.  Can’t afford that lawsuit.  #startuplife #nomoney

Thank you Gainesville for ALWAYS supporting me!  I love being a part of this community!  Special shoutout to EVERYONE at Starter Space…  You have all embraced me and made me feel instantaneously like part of the Starter Space family.  Levi, TJ, and I are so lucky to be building this company in your presence!  Thank you all.  Be Bold!

Stay Calm and Sip On,

Collin Austin
C$O of Gulejo Coffee

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One thought on “Stay Calm and Don’t Spill My Coffee!

  1. tjvillamil says:

    #BOOM happy to deliver some milk sugar and UCE with our coffee :)

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